August 26, 2019

Arte Flamenco Palau de la Música Catalana

Palau de la Música Catalana invites you to enjoy the best flamenco performances in Barcelona, welcome to Arte Flamenco! For a perfect vacation, BCN Apartment Rentals offers you the best luxury apartments in the heart of Barcelona, with the best design, location, security and comfort.

Arte Flamenco at Palau de la Música Catalana has prepared an impressive cast of flamenco dancers, singers, cajón (box drum), flutists and guitar players that will appear together on stage in a show which will show you different flamenco styles. Directed by Sara Flores and Juan Cortés, these performers will introduce you to tangos and tanguillos, alegrías, soleá for bulerías, seguirillas, bulerías, ballads and garrotines. The tickets cost from 30 to 48€.  

Here is some explanation of Arte Flamenco at Palau de la Música Catalana program for you:

TANGOS: One of the most basic flamenco dances “palos” with “copla”.

ALEGRIAS: One the most cherrful songs in flamenco.

TANGUILLOS: A festive dance, happy and flirtive with lots of feet sounds.

SOLEA POR BULERIAS: It’s the basis of the strongest rhythms in flamenco.

SEGUIDILLAS: One of the oldest songs and the saddest.

BULERÍA: A lively flamenco song accompanied by guitar.

BALADA (SOLEDAD): Romantic “palos”. 

GARROTIN:  Flamenco born outside of Andalusia with a lively rhythm of tango.

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