March 21, 2017

The Human Towers of Santa Madrona 2017 in Barcelona

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Few people know that Santa Madrona is, along with the Virgin of Mercè and Santa Eulàlia, copatrona of Barcelona. This Sunday, on March 19th the Castellers del Poble Sec celebrated the festivities for Santa Madrona in the square that is dedicated to her, at the Rambla. They are the hosts of the event. It begun at 12am and, in addition to the Castellers del Poble Sec, there also participated the Castellers of Vila de Gràcia and Sagrada Familia.

By the way do you know the history of the castellers? They are a form of traditional Catalan festivities that consist in construction of human towers that would symbolize high buildings or castells. The participants cllimb on the shoulders of others until a certain height. The castellers are organized into teams, there is usually one team per population, even though, often, there are many towns and cities with more than one groupe.

The zone with the most human towers popularity is located in the border regions between the provinces of Tarragona and Barcelona, ​​although there are casteller teams throughout Catalonia, even reaching the Balearic Islands, and it is still expanding to countries like Chile and Brazil. These human towers are very varied and in each performance you can see a very wide repertoire of them. 

The first documented performance of the castellers dates back to February 2, 1801, in Valls (Tarragona). The popularity, height and complexity of these formations increased from the 80’s of the twentieth century. Although the tradition of the human towers can be global, this tradition is exclusively Catalan and it is a symbol of this region of Spain. This cultural icon represents its history and heritage, in which trust, teamwork and mutual effort combine to create something really special that has even been recognized by UNESCO in 2010 and now has the status of an Intangible Cultural Heritage of The Humanity.

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