February 22, 2017

The famous Opera Carmen by Bizet again in Barcelona

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One of the most widely acclaimed and represented operas in the world visits the Palau de la Música Catalana. You still have the opportunity to see it in Barcelona!

This version of Georges Bizet’s famous opera features a symphony orchestra, soloists, a choir and a children’s choir. Over ninety artists will appear on stage during the two hour show, which includes an interval.

Xavier Puig directs the Orquestra de Cambra Terrassa 48, which will be accompanied on stage by the Ballet Novaria dance group and Cor Novaria choir.

By the way, do you know the history of this famous work? The plot of “Carmen” is set in Sevilla around 1820, and stars a beautiful gypsy woman of fiery temperament. Carmen, free with her love, seduces Don José, an inexperienced soldier. Carmen’s relationship with the corporal motivates him to reject his former love, to mutiny against his superior to join a group of smugglers as a deserter. Finally, when she finds a new love who is a bullfighter Escamillo, Don Jose can not control his jealousy…

The opera debuted on March 3, 1875 at the Opera-Comunique in Paris, and unfortunately the premiere was failure. This factor, might have been accelerated the death of Georges Bizet. The author managed to sign the contract for the assembly of opera in Vienna only a day before its death. Then, “Carmen” was acclaimed by the public. Since then he had an immense international career: London, New York, Melbourne, St. Petersburg and Madrid, among other cities. In 1883 Bizet returned to Paris, finally winning the heart of  French public. The opera is performed as the great anticipation of the Italian school known as “verismo”.

Nowadays it is the most famous and performed French opera in the world. Carmen is one of the most outstanding operas of the standard operatic repertoire and it appears as number 3 in the Operabase list of the most represented operas worldwide during the period of 2005-2010. In Spain, “Carmen” debuted at Barcelona’s Teatre Líric on August 2, 1881, featuring the performance of Celestina Galli-Marie, who had premiered the role. In 1887 it came to Madrid, to the theater of the Zarzuela.

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