March 13, 2017

The International Women´s Day in Barcelona

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On 8th of March, the International Women Day was celebrated all over the world, including Barcelona. The city  prepared some special events for this day, supporting the women all over the world.

On March 8th at 7pm, hundreds of women marched from Plaza Universitat to Plaza Sant Jaume to mark International Women’s Day, adding their voices to the growing global concern about the protection and advancement of women’s rights. Among the many individuals and groups taking part was Ca la Dona, a local feminist organization that worked with women’s groups in Barcelona for almost 30 years. And, alongside them were the newly-formed Barcelona Women’s March, who came into being in January of this year. 

On Friday, March 10th, there was a route around the neighborhood del Raval, which forms part of the programm of acts for International Women’s Day. A route around iconic spots in the neighbourhood of El Raval, some better known than others, which explain the history of the city and how it has transformed over the years from a gender perspective. This activity tells Barcelona’s history, not only from an urban and architectural point of view, but also an anthropological one, without overlooking social conflict, the role women have had in Barcelona and their contribution to the evolution of the city.

On March 11th, The Nou Barris District Office was the venue for a concert by local female musicians. As part of International Women’s Day, the neighborhood was hosting a concert with performances from four acts with a strong commitment to music and feminism. The four artists were: the singer-songwriter La Otra, the indie group Les Seques, and the singers Monique Makon and Bad Gyal.

Along with that, there are some music, cinema and theatre events all around Barcelona, dedicated to the 8th of March.

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